Frequently asked questions

Why am I not asked to authorize each time I run the trading platform? My children play on my computer and might start trading without me knowing about it...

First, you need to make sure you remember your password. If you remember it, select the «File»/«Login» menu and uncheck the box next to «Save account information»/«Login». Now, when you start the trading platform on your computer, you need to authorize («File»/«Login») by typing your login and password in order to enter your account.

What happens when there is a locked position?

A locked position is used as a strategy often adopted by financial market participants to prevent large losses, without closing the position.

For example, you have opened a short position of 2.00 lots in EUR/USD.

Let's assume that the market is moving against you, and the EUR/USD rate is rising, but you think that this is a short-term market condition and your indicators show that a throwback is likely to occur after a while.

In this case, you can open a long position of 2.00 lots without any additional margin requirements. This way, you can stop the growth of losses on your short position at the expense of your long position.

After that, you can wait out the bullish market and upon a throwback close your long position, keeping your short position.

What is a gap?

Gap refers to a gap in prices.

All orders that are in that gap may be executed at a price different from the price specified by the Client.

My order wasn't executed despite the fact that the price appeared on the chart. Why?

You should remember that charts on the trading platform are formed according to bid prices. Therefore, «high» is the highest bid and «low» is the lowest bid.

If you have a pending order (buy limit) in GBP/JPY at the price of 140.00, it will be executed at the «Ask» price. When the price reaches 140.00 on the GBP/JPY chart, the position will not open, because the current «Ask» price would be 140.08 (spread for GBP/ JPY equals 8 points). The order will be executed only when the price reaches 139.92 and below.

For your convenience, you can make the «Ask» line be visible on the chart. To do this, right-click on the chart, select «Properties» and then check the box next to «Show Ask Line».

Why does the opening price differ from the price I indicated in the order?

When you enter a position, check the option called «Enable maximum deviation from quoted price». If this option is enabled and, for example, the «Maximum deviation» field indicates 5 points, then this means that after the dealer gets your order and if the market conditions change, the dealer can offer you to open a position at a price which differs by 5 points from the price you indicated in the order. When this happens, the trading platform automatically accepts this price.

For example:

  • You send an order for opening a short position in EUR/USD at 1.3350.
  • The dealer gets your order, evaluates the market and decides to offer you a price of 1.3345.
  • The trading platform automatically accepts the dealer's offer and the position opens at the price of 1.3345.

If you don't want this situation to be repeated and you would like to receive all dealer's offers on your trading platform, you should uncheck the box next to «Enable maximum deviation from quoted price» in the «Order» window.

Why were my positions closed without my order?

Open positions can be either profitable or loss-making. If the market is moving against you and the level of your margin reaches or even goes below 10%, the dealer has the right to close all or part of your positions at their own discretion, without your permission.

What is a swap? How are swap points calculated?

In the Forex market, trades are carried out under spot trading conditions. This means that all trades executed today must be carried out through the delivery of the base currency on the next business day. In case of margin trading, there is no physical delivery, and to avoid this delivery, you need to carry out a swap transaction, i.e. close the position at the current rate of the previous value date and re-open it at the closing rate, taking into account the swap points of the new opening date and the next value date. For a swap transaction on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, no separate opening and closing operation is carried out (this is inconvenient for traders) but swap points are either added or deducted. Thus, the value date (currency delivery) is shifted to the next business day.

Please refer to the Trading Conditions section to learn the size of swap points for each financial instrument.

Let’s have a look at an example of a swap transaction.

You open a short position of 1 lot (100,000 EUR) in EUR/USD at the price of 1.3700. The size of swap points for the short EUR/USD position is + 0.3200.

At 23:59 terminal time, a swap transaction is carried out, and swap points are charged, i.e. added or deducted from the account, according to the following formula:

Swap = Lots х Short Pips х Pip Size


«Lots» stands for the volume of the open position (1.00 in our example);

«Short Pips» stand for the size of swap points (+ 0.3200 in our example);

«Pip Size» stands for the value of one point in the deposit currency ($10 in our example).

The result is as follows:

Swap =1.00 х (+0.3200) х $10 = + $3.2

This amount will be displayed on your trading platform, in the “Swap” section, and added to your trading account after the position is closed.

On Wednesday night, a swap is charged at a triple rate due to the fact that the next business day after Friday is Monday, and thus the value date changes from Friday to Saturday, then from Saturday to Sunday and finally from Sunday to Monday.

What is a trailing stop? How can I use it?

You need a stop loss to minimize your losses if the price of the financial instrument you're trading moves against you. When your open position becomes profitable, the stop loss can be moved into the profitable zone to lock in profits. In this scenario, you can move the stop loss manually and by using the Trailing Stop option, which allows you to automate the process.

For example, you open a long position of 3 lots in EUR/USD, the opening price is at 1.3650. You set the stop loss at 1.3600 and activate the trailing stop option at the level of 15 points (right-click the position / «Trailing Stop» / «15 points»). As soon as the EUR/USD rate crosses 1.3665, the trading platform automatically sends an order to change the stop loss to 1.3650. With every movement of the price – 1.3665, 1.3666, 1.3667… – the trading platform will automatically move the stop level according to the market movement: 1.3650, 1.3651, 1.3652, and so on.

You set the trailing stop option manually on your trading platform, not on the server. The trailing stop option is related only to an open position.

Please note that the trailing stop functions only when the trading platform is being run!

I closed a chart by mistake, it contained indicators that I use in my work. How can I restore those settings and indicators on a new chart?

The trading platform has an option to save templates. It allows you to save all your chart settings (custom and technical indicators, line tools, your Expert Advisor and its settings, colour scheme, etc.).

To create a template, you need to click on «Charts»/ «Templates» / «Save Template». This template will be available in the future to create any chart you want.

In case you haven’t managed to save your templates, then unfortunately you have to restore the chart settings manually.

What is the expiry for a demo account?

A demo account can be operated within 14 days and is automatically prolonged for the exact same period each time you log in successfully. The demo account will be deleted only in case you haven't logged in for 14 consecutive days and, vice versa, it won’t be deleted as long as you log in at least once every 14 days.

What could be the problem if the terminal (platform) freezes up?

Perhaps you use a lot of built-in indicators to carry out technical analysis. But the terminal is not able to properly update data received from the server.

To resolve this issue, you need to rationalise the number of indicators you use. This will facilitate the operation of your trading platform.

What is the «Live Update» window appearing on the screen when I start the trading platform?

The trading platform has a built-in automatic update system called «LiveUpdate». It is used in order to upgrade the program to the latest versions in the most prompt manner.

Click on the «Upgrade» button and wait until the trading platform upgrades to the latest version. After the update is completed, click «Restart».

It is recommended that you don't ignore the upgrade message as it may lead to the malfunction of the trading platform.

I want to have a look at the D1 chart in EUR/USD for September 11, 2001. I'm tired of scrolling back. What is the easiest way to do it?

First, you need to uncheck the «Auto Scroll» option by clicking on «Charts» and then «Auto Scroll». Then, select the D1 chart period and press «Enter». The fast navigation bar will appear in the bottom left corner of the window, where you should enter your desired date, in YYYY.MM.DD format (e.g. 2001.09.11) and press «Enter». After that, you will be immediately redirected to the period of time you selected.

How can I enlarge the characters' size in the «Market Watch» tab?

For this, you will need to right-click «Market Watch» and select «Popup Prices» (Quotations Window) from the pop-up menu or press «F10». Then, right-click again on the «Popup Prices» and select «Properties» from the pop-up menu. Now you can easily change the properties you are willing to change (select the font size, colour, background, etc.).

I have an open position of 3 lots in EUR/USD. Can I close a part of this position, for example, 1 lot (and keep 2 lots opened)?

You need to double-click the position you want to partially close, select the lot size (e.g. 1.00) and press the «Close» button. After your position is split, a new number of the position will be generated for the order.

A part of the chart is missing. How can I update the chart data?

This situation may happen if the Internet connection with the trading server is unstable. To update the chart, right-click on it and select «Update» from the pop-up menu. You will then have to restart the trading platform.

Can I get a report on my completed trading transactions?

Yes, you can. To get a report, right-click the «Account History» tab and select «Save as Report» / «Save as Detailed Report» from the pop-up menu.

There is no trading transaction history on my trading platform. Why?

This may happen at the beginning of a calendar month. The trading platform regards every new month as a new reporting period and thus all previous transactions become hidden.

To display your previous transactions on the trading platform, right-click on the «Account History» section and select «All History» from the pop-up menu.

What time zone does the MetaTrader trading platform use?

The MetaTrader platform operates according to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone + 2:00 (UTC +2). UTC is identical to the GMT wintertime, but unlike GMT, it has no switch to/from Daylight Saving Time.

Why can't I open all of the news on the trading platform?

This is normal, as some of the news you receive on your trading platform from the Dow Jones news provider just have a title.

There is no instrument I need in the «Market Watch» window. How can I find all the instruments I need?

To find the instruments, you need to right-click the «Market Watch» window and select «Symbols» from the pop-up menu. In the new window that has opened, you will be able to see all the trading instruments available to trade on your account and also display or hide other tickers.

To display all available financial instruments in the «Market Watch» window, right-click the window and select «Show All» from the pop-up menu.

Successfully passed the authorization procedure. How can I change the password to my account?

Your main and investor passwords can be changed on the trading terminal. All you need to do is select «Tools»/ «Options» on the trading platform and insert your new password in the password field, press «Change» and save the changes.

It is important to make sure that your new password is strong enough: it must be at least five characters long and contain digits, upper-case and lower-case letters. If you fail to comply with this requirement, you may not be able to save a new password.

How can I open a demo account?

After successfully installing the trading platform, click on the «File» tab and select «Open an Account», complete all the required fields and check the box next to «I agree to subscribe to your newsletter», then press «Next» / «Next».

At the last stage, a number for your new demo account as well as two passwords – trader and investor passwords – are generated. You complete the process by clicking «Finish». Then, you will receive a welcoming letter in your TeleTrade mailbox on the terminal (be careful not to confuse it with your regular e-mail account), including your personal data, username, and your trader and investor passwords.

What Windows OS version does the trading platform require?

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is running on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

My computer is connected to the Internet via a router (router) and can not connect to the trading server. What to do?

Connection problems mostly occur in corporate networks. To resolve this issue, all you have to do is contact your system administrator and ask him/her to add the trading server’s address to your allowed list.

Besides, the router itself has its own built-in firewall, which can interfere with the normal operation of the trading platform. To handle this issue, you can disable the firewall (system administrators rarely agree to do that) or open port 443.

What type of the Internet connection should I have?

The internet connection should be stable, because connection failure with the company's trading server may lead to unpredictable consequences. The most reliable connection is a dedicated line.

In case you use GPRS, we recommend you to read carefully the terms and conditions of this service from your mobile services provider as you will not be able to control you trading account through the Internet in places where there is no GPRS coverage.

What connection parameters should I specify on the trading terminal to connect to the server?

If you downloaded the software from our website, it is already properly configured, and there is no need to specify any additional connection parameters on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

When trying to send an order, the platform displays the message «Market is closed». What does it mean?

It means that the trading session in that specific financial instrument is closed. Please see the schedule of trading hours on our website.

What should I do if the New Order button on the toolbar is inactive when I try to create an order?

This happens if you log in by using your investor password. To carry out a trading transaction successfully, you need to log in by using your main password (trader password).

After the registration procedure, the activation code doesn't appear on the trading terminal or I might have deleted it. What should I do now?

You need to email your account number and a scanned image of your passport to: After verifying your personal information, the activation code will be send in reply to your email.

I want to send an order, but I get the «Trade flow is busy» message. How can I resolve this issue?

This may happen if you place a second order before receiving any reply from the dealer about the first one. To resolve this issue, you can restart the trading platform.

What should I do if I receive the «Invalid Account» message?

This may happen if you try to log in by entering a wrong username and/or password, or if your account has expired (applicable to demo accounts).

What should I do if the «No Connection» message is displayed?

This may happen for a number of reasons:

  • The network in your local area might be blocking port 443. You need, therefore, to ask your system administrator to clarify the proxy server address and the port for Internet access. You can also find this information in your Internet browser by clicking «Tools»/«Options»/«Connections»/«LAN Settings» and re-enter the proxy server's number and port number. After that, on your trading platform you need to click on «Tools»/«Settings»/ check the box «Enable proxy server»/click «Proxy» and then add the proxy server's number and port. If you use a username and password to connect to the Internet, you need to add this information in the respective fields.
  • You may have antivirus software installed on your computer, which is blocking trading platform through port 443. You need to disable this antivirus program. If the connection to the server is established, then that is what was causing the issue. To eliminate this problem, you need to allow port 443 in the settings of your antivirus program or add MetaTrader 4 to the list of your allowed programs.
  • Your trading platform may be an old version (Build). You need to update it to the latest version through the LiveUpdate automatic updating system or download the new trading platform from our website and install it over the old version. You can learn the information on the platform's version (Build) by clicking «Help»/«About» on the menu tab on your trading platform.