Detailed installation instructions for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone

In order to instal a trading platform on your iPhone and / or iPod touch the software requires an active account on AppStore.

Step 1

Fig. 1 AppStore

Go to the App Store on your mobile device.

Step 2

Fig. 2 Search

Type ‘metaquotes’ into the search field then click 'Search'.

Step 3

Fig. 3 Application selection

Select MetaTrader 5 from the list of the applications offered by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Step 4

Fig. 4 Installation

Click 'Install' in the top right corner.

Step 5

Fig. 5 Application start

Would you like to practise trading using the TeleTrade demo account? You can start MetaTrader 5 and select to register a demo account as soon as installation is completed.

Step 6

Fig. 6 User registration

Type 'teletrade' in the search field and select 'TeleTrade-Demo (TeleTrade-DJ)'

Step 7

Fig. 7 Registration form

Fill in the demo account registration form and click ‘Register’.

Step 8

Fig. 8 Login

Click 'Done' to login into your demo account.