Instructions for Android

Detailed installation instructions for devices that are running Android system.

Step 1

Fig. 1 Download Terminal to Google play.

Please open "Google play" (see Fig. 1).

Step 2

Fig. 2 Application search

Please type 'metatrader 5' in the search field then click 'Search'.

Step 3

Fig. 3 Download

Click 'Install' and accept the download and installation.

Step 4

Fig. 4 Demo account registration

Please start MetaTrader 5. Would you like to practise trading using the TeleTrade demo account? Simply click 'Open demo account'.

Step 5

Fig. 5 Registration form

Type teletrade in the search field and select TeleTrade-Demo (TeleTrade-DJ).

Step 6

Fig. 6 Account information

You will receive your Login, Trader Password and Investor Password that you need to use your account. You should save these somewhere safe. Click ‘Create account’ to complete registration.

Step 7

Fig. 7 Login into account

Please click 'Done' to login into your demo account.