Prior to trading, we recommend you to read our legal documentation.

Trading Conditions for MT4 Standard

Instrument Minimal spread Current spread Long swap Short swap Margin (%)
Brent Crude Oil
0.23 -7.00 -8.00 0.20
Brent Crude Oil
Ticker: BRENT
Lot size: 1,000
Hedging: 50%
Execution: Market execution
Bid Ask Spread
Commission: 0.007%
Long swap: -7.00
Short swap: -8.00
Date Long swap Short swap
No data
Trading schedule (UTC+2)
Monday: 02:05-22:55
Tuesday: 02:05-22:55
Wednesday: 02:05-22:55
Thursday: 02:05-22:55
Friday: 02:05-22:55

Important Notice

When keeping a position overnight, note that the Company applies a triple swap on Wednesday. There are some exceptions to this rule: a triple swap for CFDs on Energies, CFDs on Commodities and CFDs on Indices is applied on Friday.

During the first five minutes after a trading session has opened, significant price fluctuations and widened spreads are possible.

The pending order level is 10 points.

In the table, please see the lowest margin requirements possible that may be provided by the Company. The margin requirements for each instrument / group of instruments depend on the individual settings of a certain trading account.

Please note:

The current spread size is displayed with delay and is not guaranteed by the company.

The information on swaps is updated daily at 23:50 trading terminal time.

Due to technical features, the start of adding swap points is at 23:59:00 (according to the trading terminal time), therefore the very last minute of the day may be taken into account when adding swap points.

The size of swaps is expressed in points according to the trading platform's terminology, i.e. determined by the accuracy relevant to the instrument. For example, 1 point for SPY equals 0.01.