Welcome Bonus Program

Open an account and get $1000 as a present!
The more the amount of deposited funds is, the greater the bonus amount will be!
Trade actively on your account and boost your income!

Terms for Joining the “Welcome Bonus – $1000 and over” Program

  • All clients that have opened and deposited their trading accounts with Teletrade are eligible to join the program.
  • All trading accounts are eligible.
  • The program has no expiry date.
  • The Welcome Bonus program does not cancel other TeleTrade bonus programs, including the 24% Bonus.

Bonus Terms and Conditions:

  • Bonus amounts are credited on a one-off basis when a client opens an account and deposits it.
  • To join the program, the minimum amount of funds to be deposited in a client's trading account is $1,000.
  • The bonus is credited on amounts divisible by $1,000.
    For example:
  • $1,000 of client's equity in the trading account + $1,000 of bonus amount
  • $1,500 of client's equity in the trading account + $1,000 of bonus amount
  • $2,000 of client's equity in the trading account + $2,000 of bonus amount
  • The client has the right to withdraw the bonus amount only after the requirements for achieving the required amount of traded lots have been fulfilled according to the bonus calculator.
  • TeleTrade is entitled to cancel any bonus in case a withdrawal took place from the client's account in the event of a breach in regard to the requirements of traded lots.
  • TeleTrade reserves the right to liquidate open positions in the account without prior notice when the equity in the client's account is smaller than the bonus amount.
  • In case of a breach of any of the terms and conditions, the bonus amount shall not be credited.
  • The client's equity shall be understood under the “Welcome Bonus - $1,000 or more” offer as an amount of funds deposited by the client to his/her trading account with TeleTrade.

Calculator to calculate traded lots for your bonus amount

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