Non-Deposit Bonus

A trading account for executing trading transactions in CFDs, currencies and other financial instruments, with an initial amount requiring no deposit of own funds – it's real!

Get a non-deposit bonus and become a successful trader in the Forex market!

Bonus Payment Conditions:

  1. Join one of TeleTrade's intellectual game projects;

  2. Become the winner of one of the contests, and then become eligible to enter into an agreement with TELETRADE D.J. LTD to open a margin trading account for executing trading operations in CFDs, currencies and other financial instruments, without physical delivery, and with an amount subject to the terms and conditions of the selected project;

  3. Get a bonus on special terms.

Use of Bonus Terms:

  • The Client may withdraw his bonus or profit, which results from trading using the bonus amount, from his account after the Client completes the traded lots requirements (see the calculator for calculating bonuses) in case the project's terms envisage any specific required amount of traded lots. The required amount of traded lots for every bonus is specified in the MetaTrader trading account track record. TeleTrade has the right to cancel the bonus in case the Client has withdrawn funds in any amount from his trading account, with the requirements of traded lots not fulfilled.
    The Client may deposit his account, not affecting the bonus terms and conditions
  • The Client may only trade Forex and CFD on metals. TeleTrade reserves the right to add or exclude other financial instruments at its own discretion.
  • TeleTrade reserves the right at its absolute discretion to withhold any bonus in case the Client has attempted to abuse the bonus or has acted fraudulently with a lack of good faith towards TeleTrade.

Calculator to calculate traded lots for your bonus amount

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