24% Bonus Program

The payment of the bonus is credited by TeleTrade on the trading account’s equity on a monthly basis, provided the client demonstrates active trading on the account. The monthly bonus amount is 24% p.a. or 2% per month. The payment of the interest is credited to the client's trading account at the beginning of every month, but not later than on the 5th day of the month following the accounting month.

Basis Amount for Calculation:

  • The basis amount for calculating the amount to be credited is the total amount of client's equity in the account as of the month end, less funds deposited into the account during the same accounting month.

Terms and Conditions for Payment of Bonus:

  • Within the relevant monthly period, no funds withdrawal must take place.
  • The payment of bonus/interest does not apply to the month during which the trading account was opened.
  • The following trading activity conditions shall be met:
    • The turnover of trading transactions per each $1,000 of equity held in the account at the beginning of the month must be at least 4 traded lots during the accounting month.
    • The calculation only includes closed positions involving FOREX and CFD on metals instruments. These trades must meet the following requirements:
      • the open position holding time is at least 2 minutes (120 seconds);
      • the difference between the position’s open and close price is at least 0.05% of the open price (equivalent to approx. 0.0005 pips in EUR/USD).

Example of Calculation under the 24% Bonus Program:

Let's assume that at the beginning of the accounting month, the volume of client's equity is $2,000, including open positions. There is also a bonus amount of $2,000 in the trading account.

To be eligible to get bonuses at the end of the month under the 24% Bonus Program, the required traded lot amount within the accounting month must be at least 16 lots on the client's account.

During the accounting month, the client deposited $2,000 and made $1,000.

The basis amount for crediting the bonus amounts will be $3,000 (client's equity less newly deposited funds). If the client met the activity requirements within the accounting month, his account will be credited with $60 at the beginning of the month following the accounting month.

VIP clients are offered a similar bonus program called “Savings Bonus”, with a higher interest rate and special conditions for trading activity.