Open an account

To start trading in the Forex market, you need to open a real account and deposit it. This account is called 'trading account': transactions will be executed on this account to ensure your trades in the Forex market.

To open an account, you need to complete the registration procedure in your Client Login or submit an application on our website – our consultant will contact you and explain how to open a trading account and also answer your questions.


The registration in your Client Login enables you to quickly and comfortably manage your trading account. In fact, this is an alternative to online banking (managing your bank account via the bank's website). Therefore, to start trading Forex, the registration in the Client Login is required to be completed.


1. During the first stage, you will be offered to complete a registration form where you need to enter your full name and contact information and select the nearest office. Please provide us with the correct information.

2. After that, you end up in your Client Login. The system automatically generates a password for you which will be shown on the startup page in your Client Login and sent to your mobile phone and email.

3. At this stage, you will be offered to open an account in the Forex market, which means that the registration of your Client Login is completed.

Now you have completed your registration in your Client Login. To start trading in the Forex market, you are required to open an account and deposit it with funds allocated to execute trading transactions in the Forex market.

Opening an account is easy:

− on the startup page in your Client Login, you will see the 'Account Opening' option (see above). Then you need to complete the necessary forms, including your full name, test questions, read the Agreement and Regulations, and press the 'Open an account' button.

In the process of registration you are required to specify which account type you are willing to open:

− Standart (Forex)

− Standart (Forex&CFD)

− Professional (Forex)

− Professional (Forex&CFD)

After that, your account is registered and given a number, and finally you are given the opportunity to deposit your account and start trading.

Your account number and login can be used on any computer where the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is installed. You need to enter your account (login) number and password each time you start running the trading terminal.

Deposit Methods

In your Client Login, you are able to carry out operations associated with account opening, deposits and withdrawals.

You can deposit your trading account in a few steps by following the instructions in your Client Login or in the trading terminal:

  • select the 'Deposit' menu item,
  • then you are redirected to the page containing the description of deposit methods for your Forex account,
  • select a deposit method, click on its name and you will get detailed instructions on how to proceed.

After making a successful deposit in your trading account, the amount of your funds will be displayed in the 'Account History' section, in the 'Balance' field.

Now you can start trading on your real trading account.

Please note that Forex trading is carried out in US dollars (USD), therefore the currency of your trading account is the US dollar. You are required to either initially make a deposit in US dollars or use currency exchange services provided by your bank.

Please remember that your login (i.e. your account number) and password to your trading account are generated in your Client Login and can be used later on any computer that has the MetaTrader 4 program installed on it.

This means that all you need to do is enter your login and password and start trading.

TeleTrade wishes you good luck!


You can open an account via the Client Login or with the assistance of a consultant from a partner office. Please contact our consultant by completing this application.

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