Trading in Financial Markets

TeleTrade provides access to online trading in Forex and CFD instruments.

With us, online trading includes:

  • high-speed execution of transactions;
  • the user-friendly and reliable MetaTrader trading platform;
  • minimized slippage;
  • a wide range of trading instruments;
  • latest market analysis for free;
  • minimum requotes;
  • fixed spreads regardless of market volatility;
  • round-the-clock customer support.



You can open an account via the Client Login or with the assistance of a consultant from a partner office. Please contact our consultant by completing this application.

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Trading Conditions

TeleTrade offers its clients two account types based on their trading strategy and trading style – an Instant Execution account called 'Standard' and a Market Execution account called 'Professional' .


The main advantage of this account type is that the execution of orders at the client's price is guaranteed, which enables our clients to manage trading more effectively: forecast profits with greater accuracy and calculate real expenses of executing operations.

Read more about the MT4 Standard features


The key feature of this account type is the high-speed execution of client orders at the market price. Client orders are processed at the best market prices available from major banks, provided by liquidity providers, which allows clients to take advantage of low spreads under regular market conditions.

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Deposit/withdrawal methods

You can deposit your account with TeleTrade in a few steps by following easy instructions in your Client Login or in the terminal. Having made any profit while trading, you will be able to easily manage your money. You will be able to withdraw amounts of money from your account with TeleTrade within a period of one to seven working days.

Demo account

Prior to opening an account and depositing it, we recommend you to try and trade on a demo account. All trades on a demo account are executed by using virtual money. Trading on your demo account will enable you to put the theoretical knowledge you acquired into practice, you will also be able to gain experience by executing trades without risking your own money. You can open a demo account in the trading terminal.

Regulatory Documents

The whole process of interaction with TeleTrade Group of Companies is regulated by the regulatory documents

Agreement (PDF)

The Agreement lays out the terms and conditions for cooperation between TeleTrade and the client. It defines the responsibilities of the parties in regard to fulfilling their obligations.

download pdf contract

Quotation Regulations (PDF)

The Regulations set out:

  • the terms and definitions used when referring to client trading transactions;
  • the principles of trading on margin;
  • the terms and conditions for opening / closing positions, placing / removing positions, modifying and executing pending orders;
  • the client authorization procedure and the procedure for logging client operations on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform;
  • the procedure for settling disputes, etc.
download pdf Quoting regulations


Prior to trading, we recommend you to read the above documents. If you have any further questions, please seek qualified advice in a way most suitable for you.

Trading in financial instruments, including Forex instruments, is a high-risk activity associated with not only possibility of gains but also risk of loss.
Trades (trading operations) involving currencies, CFDs and other financial market instruments, are associated with risk of financial loss (which can be substantial). If you have not mastered the nuances of trading in financial markets, such risks increase, therefore TeleTrade recommends you to make sure that your knowledge is sufficient and/or you have had training.
Enhancing your personal level of awareness in regard to the principles, patterns and nature of trading in financial markets (including Forex) and boosting your financial awareness is an additional guarantee of successful trading.