How much can you earn on Forex?

With proper trade, with all the rules of money management, the average yield of trader is from 2-5% to 80-100% per month. This variation is associated with features of different traders trade and market conditions.


Market situation

Strong and well predictable currency movements may occur with varying regularity. This involves:

  • Intensity of a profitable situations.

    Sometimes the profitable trade situation occur several times a day. Sometimes one or two transactions have to wait all week.

  • The volume and rate of rise or fall in prices.

    For example,  a transaction made for the best price and at the right time, in accordance with all trading rules it can bring in one of the market situation $ 500 and another $ 2,000.

The size of a deposit

Profit is strongly linked to the size of the deposit. If the account is small it is necessary to use cautious trading tactics and miss lot of potentially profitable trades. The larger account allows for the most reliable deal, but middle reliability deal to make with minimal currency. This approach allows us to raise the bar for more earnings.

Risk level of trading strategy

Profit depends on any limit on the amount of acceptable risk. Such restrictions seted by the trader, depending on the size of the deposit and of your personal financial situation. If the trader uses an account of the investor then the restrictions for the trader usually set by investor.


The best thing about how much you can earn in the market are the results of traders. They usually do not share information about their profits.

Through the project "Master invest" some of this information has become available. You can find the best trading results of Masters (traders of the "Master-Invest") below.

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