Who are the brokers?

Brokers and dealing centers - this companies offers its clients access to trade on financial markets. The most advanced of them including TeleTrade, cover the entire range of financial assets in exchange rates, raw materials, stocks and securities, CFD contracts.


Your computer must be installed with a special program "trading terminal" to allow you to trade on the financial markets, which provides the broker with whom you are working.

TeleTrade operates using the trading platform MetaTrader. It is a popular, reliable and time-tested program.

The volume of trade transactions in the financial markets calculate the lots. One lot is equal to 100 thousand  units. The basic unit of currency in the pair is the currency for which you are selling or buying another currency. For example, in currency pairs where there is a dollar and it usually is the basic unit.

Margin trading allows you to trade entire lots even customers whose initial deposit is not very large.


The main source of income of broker is spread . Spread referred to payment for carrying out trading activities or the difference between the buying and selling currencies. Thus, brokers-intermediaries, whose interest lies in the fact that their clients made ​​the largest possible number of transactions, because it depends on their income.

Choosing "Forex" broker

The success trade in the financial markets largely depends on the choice of the broker and trading conditions that he offers. To minimize riskthe company, which should opt, should be large, have a respectable history in the market, good reputation and a lot of customers.