Training in the office

You are kindly invited to visit TeleTrade partners' offices to take a free practical course called «Profitable Trading in Financial Markets».

During the course, you will learn:

  • How the market works;
  • How trades are executed;
  • How you can trade profitably;
  • How to hedge against losses while trading;
  • How to predict market trends.

With us, you will learn to execute trades and profit from your trading.

We have award-winning training programs.



  • For those who feel more comfortable gaining knowledge while interacting directly with a consultant.

  • For those who acquire information better when immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the trading room.

  • For those who are willing to share the knowledge they gained with their peers.


  • Basic Course (For Beginners)

    The basic course lasts two weeks on average and consists of two stages:


    Three orientation classes, each 1.5 hours in length, can be attended according to your individual schedule: in the morning or in the evening.

    During these lectures, the following will be discussed:

    • what the Forex market is;
    • what advantages investing in Forex provides in comparison to other investment types;
    • how the trading process is carried out, what systems are used;
    • what affects quotations to change;
    • how not to miss out on the right moment to sell or buy a certain currency;
    • what a novice trader needs to know about trading not to suffer any loss, how to minimise risks;
    • what will help get a really high income while trading in the market.

    This stage is designed for you to understand whether you will be interested in investing your funds in this market.


    Starting trading

    Three practice-based classes on trading start after you have gained some insights into the fundamentals of the Forex market and are ready to learn how to trade Forex.

    During these classes (together with your personal instructor) you will learn how to operate a trading terminal and start trading on a demo account.

    A class is divided into two parts:

    • 1 hour for explaining introductory notions: instruments, tactics, strategies, which will be used during the class.
    • 1 hour for applying instruments to the process of trading.


    Classes are held in groups. Interesting market situations are simulated, various tactics are used, original trading strategies are tested.

    During these workshops, attendees acquire a behavioural model in various situations, which later can be put into practice. However, the main thing is that in the process of these workshops there is the breaking-down of psychological barriers that prevent many from entering the market and starting trading on a real (live) account.

    Along with the free basic course (3 lectures and 3 practice-based classes), you will be able to attend various themed seminars and masterclasses. They are held weekly according to separate schedule, which you may find about by contacting the office.

    The fee for additional classes is to be clarified at your nearest TeleTrade partner's office.


    After completing the basic training course, you get the knowledge necessary for trading in the Forex market as well as a certificate of training completion, which is one of the main documents of a professional trader.

    But this course is just a beginning of long-term work to acquire subtleties and secrets of the Forex market.

    If you decide to deepen your knowledge about the market and reach the pinnacle of success, then after completing the basic training course you may proceed with the in-depth training program aimed at those who are eager to be one of the top Forex traders.


    In-depth training programs are designed for those who are willing to improve their knowledge about the market and be among the best traders in the Forex market.

    In the in-depth programs, you will be:

    • improving your knowledge based on the section you have chosen (types of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, designing Expert Advisors, etc.);
    • interacting with the guru of financial markets during masterclasses and seminars;
    • attending courses on trading in financial markets led by famous traders that have successful trading experience.

    There are unique programs to study financial markets available at every TeleTrade partners' office, for which you can sign up after completing the basic course.


Different forms of training are provided in the partners' offices that combine both theory and practice. This allows us to make the process of training interesting and highly beneficial to be able to trade in the Forex market.


  • Theory-based lectures and seminars about the fundamentals of the Forex market and trading methods.
  • Continuous interaction with your personal instructor, who will answer your questions about Forex, will form your own training schedule and help you find suitable ways to make a profit.
  • Practical classes that will correspond to trading on a demo account (or on a live account) under your personal instructor's supervision.
  • Themed seminars led by traders that will allow you to learn the subtleties of Forex trading.
  • Masterclasses conducted by the best traders, where the following is to be discussed: certain trading instruments, special tactics which allow traders to develop the best trading strategies.
  • Classes aimed at developing your skills necessary for successful trading in the Forex market.
  • Daily market overviews from the best traders.
  • Practice-based workshops in groups, during which various trading strategies are formed and then analysed in real time.



The basic training course conducted in the office (3 lectures and 3 workshops) is free. Please contact your nearest TeleTrade partner's office to learn more about the fees for in-depth training programs, additional seminars and masterclasses.


Individual approach
Training with us is not just a set of classes and seminars, it is individually-tailored schedule, which is formed together with your personal consultant, depending on your daily routine and what you want to gain from your training.

Personal consultant
This person becomes your guide to the market from the very moment of your sign-up for the training program and remains being your guide during your work in the Forex market which is carried out through TeleTrade.

Complete immersion in the atmosphere of trading in the market
In the process of various seminars, together with seasoned traders, and based on real-life examples with real-time quotations, you will learn to choose the best trading strategies. In a team with other trainees during workshops, you will be able to build your own strategies and make prompt decisions in regard to your trades. This means that you get practical experience necessary for live trading in the Forex market.

Opportunity to interact with the best traders
While training in the office, you will be able to attend masterclasses led by the most successful traders, i.e. specialists who can share their own experience of lucrative trading.