Technical analysis

23 February 2021

20:49 USD / JPY remains below MA (200) H1

Today, the USD/JPY pair rose from Y104. 90 to Y105. 30, after a sharp decline in the second half of yesterday's trading from Y105. 85 to a weekly low of Y105. 00. On the hourly chart, the pair remains below the moving average line of MA (200) H1 (Y105. 40), but on the four-hour chart, it is trading above MA (200) H4 (Y104.55). Technically speaking, the strong support level of Y104.90 kept USD/JPY from further decline. The upper limit of MA (200) H1 (Y105.40) represents the resistance level. If this level is passed, the pair can rise to Y105. 85-90.

Resistance levels are: Y105.40, Y105.85-90, Y106.20

Support levels are: Y104.90, Y104.40, Y104.00

The main scenario for the pair's promotion - correction, decline to Y104. 90 (February 15 low, session low) and then maybe to Y104. 40 (February 10 low).

An alternative scenario - If the MA (200) H1 (Y105.40) line is broken, the pair may rise to Y105. 85-90 (February 18 and 22 highs)

23 February 2021, 20:36

USD / CHF remains above MA (200) H1