Technical analysis

13 January 2021

21:03 USD / JPY remains above MA (200) Н1

Today, the USD/JPY pair is trading mainly with growth in the range of Y103.50-104.00, after falling during yesterday's US trading from Y104.30 to Y103.70. On the hourly chart, USD / JPY is trading above the moving average line of MA (200) H1 (Y103. 50), and on the four-hour chart it is testing MA (200) H4 (Y103.80). Technically speaking, a strong resistance level of Y104.40 can keep the pair from further growth. If it breaks through, the price may soar to Y104. 60-75. The most likely range of movement of the pair for today can be hidden within the existing range Y103. 50-104. 00


Resistance levels are: Y104.00, Y104.40, Y104.60-75

Support levels are: Y103.50, Y102.95, Y102.60

The main scenario for the pair's promotion - breakout of the session high of Y104. 00 and the pair's growth to Y104. 40 (January 11 high)

An alternative scenario - breakout of the session low and MA (200) H1 (Y103, 50) and, perhaps, the pair's decline to Y102. 95 (January 7 low)

13 January 2021, 20:50

USD / CHF remains above MA (200) H1