Technical analysis

13 January 2021

20:28 The GBP / USD pair rose again to the highs of the beginning of May 2018

Today, the GBP / USD pair is trading in the range of $1.3650-1.3705-near the highs of the beginning of May 2018, reached earlier on January 4. On the hourly chart, the pair rose above the moving average line MA (200) H1 ($1.3595), and on the four-hour chart it remains above MA (200) H4 ($1.3460). In this case, finding a sell position can probably be a wise decision for those who want to take advantage of the stronger British pound.

Resistance levels are: $1.3705, $1.3795, $1.3935

Support levels are: $1.3650, $1.3595, $1.3530

The main scenario for the pair's promotion - growth to $1.3635 (January 8 high) and then maybe to $1.3585 (January 6 high)

An alternative scenario -if the session low of $1.3650 is broken, the pair may decline to MA (200) H1 ($1.3595)

13 January 2021, 20:50

USD / CHF remains above MA (200) H1