TeleTrade was founded in 1994. For over 23 years, we have been striving to provide the most comfortable conditions to our clients to trade in the financial markets.


    For trading on financial markets we use an Internet. The majority of trading operations is carried out by means of effective and well recommended MetaTrader platform.

    We provide the resources to trade:

    • Currencies in the financial marketso Tools here designated for currency pairs. You get profit on a difference of courses by selling or buying currency.

    • CFD*o TeleTrade offers the clients of CFD a wide range of base assets of following exchange tools:

      • gold;
      • silver;
      • oil;
      • stock of the New York stock exchange where actions of such companies, as Bank of America, General Electric Company, Intel Corporation, Jonson and Johns, Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s Corporation were placed.

    *CFD - is a contract between two people that mirrors the situation of trading a security, without actually buying or selling the security. The two parties make a contract that the seller will pay the buyer the difference in price after a certain period of time if the designated security's price increases, and the buyer will in return pay the seller the difference in price if the security's price decreases.


    Our experts will help you in decision making process related to trading currencies or CFD contracts. They will also explain you any difficult situations in the market, will advise when it is better to make the transaction and how to avoid the possible risks.

    For our clients we render service in drawing up of individual trade strategies. It includes:

    • determination of personal features (psycho type, specifics of behavior in a disputable situation);
    • identification of preferences on profitability and risks;
    • selection of trading tools and drawing up of individual trading strategy.

    TeleTrade training center’s main objective is to prepareprofessionals for working on the financial markets. More than 19 years TeleTrade is engaged in training of traders. Courses in TeleTrade are unique, as they:

    • designed for students with different levels of training, ranging from beginners to high-level professionals;

    All courses are combined theoretical part with practical skills of trading either on virtual markets (for beginners) or real accounts (for experienced participants).

    Students who successfully complete the program will receive the certificate and a job offer from the company.