November 2021 08

From November 15, 2021, CHN_H50 and CAN60 indices will be set to "Close only" mode due to liquidity provider changes

Dear clients!

Due to liquidity provider changes November 22, 2021, СHN_H50 (Hong Kong China H-shares) and CAN60 (Canada 60) indices will become unavailable for trading.

СHN_H50 (Hong Kong China H-shares) index will be replaced by CHN50 (China A50 Index) and CAN60 (Canada 60) index will be deleted.

Please be advised both СHN_H50 and CAN60 indices will be set to "Close Only" mode from November 15, 2021.

We encourage you to close all opened positions and to delete pending orders for mentioned symbols before the end of November 19, 2021, trading session.

All opened positions for СHN_H50 and CAN60 symbols will be closed upon the end of trading session November 19, 2021. Pending orders will be deleted as well.

CHN50 symbol will become available for trading from November 22, 2021.

Take this information into account while planning your trading activities.

Best Regards,