TeleTrade Awards

For over 23 years, TeleTrade has been working in the financial market, constantly improving the services quality for its clients. The company's activities are regularly honored with various prizes and awards, which gives the right to consider it one of the best companies in the Forex brokers' rating on the international market.


«Best Forex Broker in Europe 2017»

TeleTrade was awarded «Best Forex Broker Europe 2017» by (Capital Finance International). This award heralds the professional level and high quality of the services rendered by the company, justifies client trust.


«Most Trusted Forex Broker 2016»

TeleTrade was named the most trusted Forex broker according to the Masterforex-V EXPO. The award was given in recognition of the clients' trust, high quality of the services, impeccable reputation and honesty of the company.

«Best Forex Broker Analytics 2016»

Over a period of 5 consecutive years, the company has been annually winning in the nomination «Best Forex Broker Analytics» from the Masterforex-V EXPO. Throughout 2016, TeleTrade provided the best analytical services for its clients.

«Best Service for Managers»

TeleTrade won the nomination among the companies operating in the foreign exchange market at the Forex KROUFR AWARDS 2016. Based on the results of the open vote, TeleTrade received the highest rating in the «Best Service for Managers» nomination.

«Best Broker for Novice Traders»

TeleTrade became the winner in the «Best Broker for Novice Traders» nomination, an annual KROUFR award for companies operating in the foreign exchange market. TeleTrade received the highest rating based on the results of an open vote on the Awards' website.

«Most Trusted Forex Broker 2015»

TeleTrade was awarded «Most Trusted Forex Broker 2015», according to the Masterforex-V EXPO virtual exhibition of the Academy of Forex and Exchange Trading Masterforex-V. For TeleTrade, this is the third award from Masterforex-V, the Academy of Forex and exchange trading. Also, in 2013 and 2014 the company received the award 'Best Forex Broker Analytics' for the most high-quality and efficient analytical content provided to participants of financial markets.

«Финансовая грамотность и открытость»

TeleTrade второй год подряд стала лауреатом ежегодной премии «Права потребителей и качество обслуживания». Наша компания победила в номинации «Финансовая грамотность и открытость» в категории «Финансовые и дилерские компании». Торжественная церемония награждения победителей прошла 10 июля 2015 года в Сочи.

Эта Премия является одной из престижнейших в области качества производимых товаров и оказываемых услуг.

Её номинантами и лауреатами становятся ведущие отечественные и зарубежные компании, чьи товары и услуги представлены на российском рынке.

«Best Broker for Novice Traders»

TeleTrade was recognized as the «Best Broker for Novice Traders», according to KROUFR. TeleTrade offers comprehensive information and analytical support to its clients in dozens of countries around the world.

«Quality Excellence (International Star for Leadership in Quality)»

The TeleTrade team in the Spanish region received the International Star for Quality Excellence award on June 28, 2015 in Paris at the 19th international convention of the Business Initiative Directions (BID). The main activity of the BID is aimed at spreading Quality Culture in the leading companies of all countries around the world. At the moment, the BID is the leading non-governmental organization that awards the prize for the quality of the company's management. The convention is part of the annual BID programs and is aimed at recognizing the merits of companies, organizations and executives from around the world.

TeleTrade's award and participation in the convention once again proved the high quality of the services provided and strengthened the company's position in the financial market.


«Best Forex Broker Analytics 2014»

December 2014 - TeleTrade was awarded «Best Forex Broker Analytics». The award is annually presented by the leading educational project 'Academy MasterForex-V Expo' to the companies that have provided the most high-quality and timely analytical content to financial market participants.

«FOREX Expo Awards 2014 - Broker of the Year»

October 31, 2014 - TeleTrade was awarded «Broker of the Year.» The award is presented by the professional community of currency market participants at the Forex Expo Awards, a traditional annual exhibition. The nomination "Broker of the Year" is the major nomination of the Forex Expo Awards.


«Best Standard Forex Broker 2013»

TeleTrade was awarded «Best Standard Forex Broker 2013» at the 12th ForexShow, an event that takes place annually in the United Arab Emirates. Receiving this award means that the highest quality of TeleTrade service standards is now recognized not only in Russia and Europe, but also in the Middle East and North Africa. Thus, the activities of TeleTrade are already highly evaluated on almost all continents of the world.

«Most Trusted Forex Broker 2013»

November 14-15, 2013 - TeleTrade was awarded «Most Trusted Forex Broker 2013» at the 12th ForexShow exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. This award was given to TeleTrade in recognition of the company’s ability to establish high levels of trust with its clients in the Middle East and North Africa. The Most Trusted Forex Broker 2013 award underlies that TeleTrade has significantly expanded the boundaries of recognition of the high quality of its services among the international financial community.

«Best Forex Broker Analytics 2013»

The MasterForex-V Trading Academy, which has been for four consecutive years officially recognized as the «Best Project for FOREX Training in Europe and Russia», awarded TeleTrade "Best Forex Broker Analytics 2013". The award went to TeleTrade as the winner of the general rating of brokers that provide analytics of the currency market and stock exchanges.

«Best Forex Broker in Europe 2013» and «Best Trading Platform in Southern Europe 2013»

TeleTrade was awarded by the Global Banking&Finance Review in two categories: «Best Forex Broker in Europe for Customer Service 2013» and «Best Trading Platform in Southern Europe 2013».

The online edition of the Global Banking & Finance Review established the award in 2011. Global Banking & Finance Review reports on major international business and finance events, publishes exclusive interviews with the world's leading newsmakers. The Global Banking & Finance Review awards are granted based on peer review and herald the quality of financial services.


«Best Forex Broker Analytics 2012»

On December 20, 2012, the Masterforex-V Academy closed a public vote, which had been open for one year, and released the list of winners in each of its nominations. The company has been actively involved in arranging conferences, seminars and other events across the world, conducted by highly professional and successful traders, investors and analysts, who share their expertise with the attendees. Based on the results of the vote for the Masterforex-V Academy rating, TeleTrade was acknowledged to be the best in the industry of rendering analytical services in the financial market.

«Forex Broker 2012»

November 24, 2012 - TeleTrade won the award «Forex Broker of the Year» at the Awards of the Financial World ceremony. The Awards of the Financial World is a professional contest, which aims at identifying financial companies and individuals in the financial industry that have demonstrated leadership based on their performance and set high standards that can be used as a benchmark for investors and consumers. This award heralds the highest acknowledgement by the public and is awarded to financial market participants, such as commercial banks, insurance companies, non-state pension funds, asset-managing companies, investment companies, stock exchanges and financial companies.

«FOREX Expo Awards 2012 — Best CFD Broker»

On November 3, 2012, TeleTrade was awarded «EST CFD BROKER 2012» at the «Moscow Forex Expo 2012», an international stock-exchange-industry exhibition. The winner was determined by open voting.


«Forex Expo Awards 2011 - Best Forex broker in Russia and the CIS»

On November 18, 2011, TeleTrade was granted the award «BEST FOREX BROKER IN RUSSIA AND THE CIS» at the annual international Forex EXPO. The award represents the recognition based on the results of voting that had been taking place over a period of 10 months, where professional market participants took part in the voting. The company won the vote and was awarded «Best Forex Broker in Russia and the CIS».

«Forex Broker №1»

On March 9, 2011, the Global Forex Awards (GFA) in Vienna awarded TeleTrade the highest accolade for achievements – Forex Broker No. 1 – in the exchange services industry.

The GFA judging panel had been assessing nominees over a period of seven months. TeleTrade won in the nomination and was awarded 'Forex Broker No.1' for the best performance across all criteria: number of offices of TeleTrade partners (coverage), period (years) of the operation in the market, dynamics of the development, and customer service.

The Global Forex Awards is an independent organization consisting of members from information agencies, publishing houses and online resources, whose activities are directly related to financial markets.

«Forex Expo Awards 2010 - Broker of the year»

In 2010, TeleTrade received an award in the nomination «Broker of the Year» from the Forex Expo Awards. The award heralds the ultimate accolade for the activities of a company operating in the currency market. The Forex Expo Awards is a professional competition in which anyone may vote in 15 nominations for companies they consider to be the best Forex brokers.

«Forex Expo Awards 2010 - Best CFD Broker»

In 2010, TeleTrade won the «Best CFD Broker» award for its set of CFD trading conditions and customer service quality. This award was given to the company at the Forex Expo Awards annual ceremony. It takes ten months to determine the winner by means of open voting.


«Forex Expo Awards 2009: Best Standard – Forex Broker»

In 2009, TeleTrade was given an award in the nomination «Best Standard – Forex Broker» by the Forex EXPO Awards 2009. The company was awarded based on the results of the open voting on the Internet. The award and diploma were given at the Forex EXPO Awards annual ceremony in Moscow.


«Best Company in Europe in the Financial Field»

TeleTrade was awarded «Best Company in Europe in the Financial Field». This prestigious award was established by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), based in Oxford (UK), which is an international association of social partnership.

The award was established to encourage leaders of commercial institutions to use business tools and techniques of an international recognition level and quality in fields, such as customer service, market competition, international standards in business management, etc.

TeleTrade received the award in recognition of its 'dynamic development and high quality of services in international financial markets'.


«EBA: European Quality»

The international award «European Quality» was given to TeleTrade in 2004. This award was established by the Europe Business Assembly, an international association of social partnership.

This award is given to companies and their executives for striving to achieve the highest quality of their products or services in accordance to the European standards. TeleTrade was awarded «European Quality» for continuously improving services provided to clients and implementing additional control over quality and start time.